About Us

About Winfooz

Winfooz is an all in one Dealer-to-Dealer Marketplace to buy and sell Autos online. We are revolutionizing the way wholesale auto trading is conducted online. As an ambitious high-tech start-up, we are ready to offer innovative, simple and performance maximizing tools for car dealers.  

We combine traditional values and a modern environment to offer continuous challenges and development opportunities in a friendly yet professional place. We recognize that people are our greatest asset and we value each individual contribution.

Being a Startup

There are two different types of startup – the ones that start in the basement and others that begin with major investment.

We are the major investment kind of startup and with this comes a clear plan about how we want to take on the market. It also means we have the resources to build a product that fits out clients.


Being a startup isn’t always plain sailing but with every challenge comes opportunity, not just on a business level but also on a personal level.

As a business we aim to take on the status quo to disrupt the marketplace and as a result this opens unlimited opportunity for employee growth. Basically if you’re the type who is proactive, takes initiative, resourceful, transparent, positive & willing to work hard, then working in the exciting world of a startup could be for you!

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